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Generating a predictable pipeline of leads for your business is not as hard as most people think.

Email prospecting is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of creating B2B sales opportunities.

May we  prove it to you in this 7-part micro-course?

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  • Each takes only four minutes to read (if you’re an average reader).
  • You’ll learn in simple language the key things to do when prospecting via email — and the things to avoid.
  • Nothing you learn is speculation; everything is based on scientific testing, plus our own experience running large B2B prospecting teams and hundreds of email prospecting campaigns.

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Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn in the 7 micro-lessons:

  • How to quickly find your prospect’s name and email address.
  • How to craft powerful subject lines that get noticed.
  • Make your messages relevant, useful and timely … in 90 words or less.
  • How to capture your prospect’s attention, pique their curiosity and prove your competence.
  • How to eliminate “delete-inducing words” from your prospecting messages.
  • How to locate trigger events and why you should use them in your email prospecting messages.

Your challenge? To quickly capture your prospect’s attention, pique their curiosity and prove your competence. This micro-course will show you how, so you can fill your pipeline with quality leads faster.

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